A little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus

3 of my favorite Jesus loving women

3 of my favorite Jesus loving women

I cannot tell you what fun I had doing this photo shoot with e of my favorite Jesus loving ladies!! Not only are these 3 beautiful inside and out they are a whole lot of fun to work with. This shirt is being used as a fund raiser for a summer mission trip to Belize. They will be going to Georgetown to bring love and aid to the people there. It is available in our shop you can order yours with this link http://baileywicks.net/shop/mission-t-shirt-a-little-bit-of-coffee-and-a-whole-lot-of-jesus/
All of the profits from the sale of this shirt are going straight to the mission fund.

Baileywicks is very interested in helping people and organizations to be able to fund their mission trips here and abroad. If your group or organization is looking for fundraising opportunities drop us a note and we will get the ball rolling.

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