custom cheer jerseys




custom cheer order for cheer jerseys for the 15th of Feb

Size 2nd Line Monogram
1. Adult Med. Victoria & Jake ASL
2. Adult Med. Kenley DMH
3. Adult Med. Naudia LRT
4. Adult Med. Michaela’s Mom LMJ
5. Adult Med. Cheer Mom AKF
6. Adult Large Jaiden’s Mom LJT
7. Adult Med. Cheerleader JJA
8. Adult Med. #ROCKSTAR AWL
9. Adult Small. Kimberly KWN
10. Adult Med. Michaela’s Nanny PMJ
11. Adult Med. Michaela MLP
12. Adult Med London ALL
13. Youth Med. Lil’ Dynamite VBP
14. Youth Large Pretty Little Flyer SRC
15. Youth Large LG Beast Mode LMG
16. Youth Large All about that BASE… No Mono No glitter

Back 1st line MGA CHEER EXTREME white base with purple glitter
2nd line customized by jersey in silver glitter
front purple glitter monograms in round

15@40. 600
1@18. boys version


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