Monogrammed market Tote mini


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This tote is available in 11 different colors

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3 letter monograms:
letters to be monogrammed in fLm order. ie… Sally Ann Carter will be monogrammed as sCa. In filling out the form below first name initials in this example would be S- middle name initial A – Last name initial C we will arrange them into monogram order.
Block monograms will be completed in FML order ie…. Parker Adam Brown will be embroidered as PAB


Market totes are essential in my new organized life!! This little mini tote is especially fun! Many great colors to choose from, have fun deciding.
This makes a great easter basket too!!

12″” L x 9″” W x 7″” H
Collapsible Design (Stores Flat)
Durable Removable Aluminum Frame
Inside Open Mesh Pockets
Easy to Carry Padded Handle
Reinforced Bottom with Rubber Feet

Monograms are included in the price of this tote. Please make sure you review your monogram info. We cannot exchange merchandise once it has been personalized for you.

This listing is for one market tote.

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Weight 1. lbs


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