Monogrammed comfort color t shirt


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The shirts are male-cut.

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3 letter monograms:
letters to be monogrammed in fLm order. ie… Sally Ann Carter will be monogrammed as sCa. In filling out the form below first name initials in this example would be S- middle name initial A – Last name initial C we will arrange them into monogram order.
Block monograms will be completed in FML order ie…. Parker Adam Brown will be embroidered as PAB


Comfort Color monogrammed pocket t shirts. New t shirts in great new colors with a monogrammed pocket. Personalize your pocket. This monogram is sewn through the pocket. Choose from the round monogram style or the entwined monogram style. These shirts are boy cut and come in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. most colors are 100% cotton. You can choose any color embroidery thread for your t shirt.


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