Collection: Dog e Dog


At baileywicks we know your pup is your best buddy. We have created a collection of collars, toys, clothes and  feeding essentials that have all been field tested for your pet. 

Boots, jackets, and hoodies will keep your pup warm and dry this winter. Watch for videos of the pups learning to walk in their new boots.  

There are plaids, striped, polka dots and prints to choose from when picking out your pups perfect dog collar.  These come in 3 different adjustable  sizes and are personalized  to include your poochs name and phone number options.  

Feeding dishes to help train your puppy not to eat too fast and traveling water bottles that open up to an easy sipping bowl are all part of our dog e dog collection

I love the dog mom hats, key chains, and t shirts.  My personal favorite is the “I kissed a dog and liked it” T-shirt that comes in a 3/4 raglan sleeve shirt  

we have searched for sources of pet essentials to make being a dog owner a little easier.  Search through our dog-e-dog collection and drop us a line if there is anything you would like us to add.  We are always on the look out for new products for you pup.