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Fabric bowl, handcrafted fabric bowl

Fabric bowl, handcrafted fabric bowl

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I am forever on the lookout for handcrafted items on my junk hunts.  They are the layers that add character to your home,  they are always the right gift all the time. 

To make a fabric coiled bowl you roll scraps of fabric into long snakes and then coil it around in a circle all while keeping everything symmetrical.  Sounds pretty easy right, anyone can do this.  You see them at art shows all the time and think to yourself. I’ve got scrap fabric i’m going to make one of these.  But have you actually tried it?  This seemingly simple project is an art form that takes painstaking time and persistence to perfect.  

this perfect bowl is 6 inches handcrafted for you to love

Upcycle, recycle, reuse, thrifted with love for your curated collection

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