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Vintage madras plaid shorts, plaid Bermuda shorts

Vintage madras plaid shorts, plaid Bermuda shorts

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Think golf outings, Ivy League fashion, old money.  In the mid 20 th century Ivy League fashion gained prominence in American colleges and universities inspiring a timeless and preppy style that endures to this day within this movement Madras plaids, particularly in the form of shorts, became an integral part of every Ivy Leaguer.  the students who often spent their summers in coastal retreats and leisurely pursuits loved the  so comfortable yet stylish options for warm weather dressing. Madras plaid shorts perfectly, met their requirements. Lightweight breathable with a combination of vibrate colors and lively plaid an ideal choice for relaxed dressing. 
this pair of ladies plaid shirts is from the early 199O’s.

suze 16

kim Rogers.

gently worn, ready to be relived by you.  

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